Tax Tips for 2017

Things to bring along to our Meeting:

Details of Income from all sources, this may include:

Payment Summaries from Employers, Details of Termination Payments or Other Lump Sums, Interest on Bank Accounts or Term Deposits, Dividends Received, or any Income received from work under an ABN.  There may be income from capital gains or foreign income, superannuation payments or other types of income you have received that do not fit in to any of the above.  If you bring along the details we will advise on the treatment required in your tax return.

Details of expenses you have incurred in earning your income, some ideas below but you may have other items:

You may use your own motor vehicle for work related activities, and have kept a log book, or incurred other business travel expenses.  Uniforms or protective clothing, or the use of personal items such as mobile phones, internet, home office, union fees etc.  If you bring along the details we will let you know if items are deductible.  Also details of any donations to charities or school building funds may also be deductible.   Premiums paid for income protection insurance outside of superannuation may also be a possibility as a deduction.

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